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HEALTHY WAYS TO INCREASE YOUR LAPTOP’S BATTERY LIFE: Do you own a laptop? Over time its battery is getting drained faster than usual? The functioning and execution of your laptop are getting slower day by day? There is no need to worry about it because there are many efficient ways to increase the battery life of your laptop. Some of the healthy habits to increase the battery power of your laptop are listed below: • Always keep the brightness of your laptop low: Most of the times, the greatest energy consuming practice of your laptop is the brightness of the screen. All most all laptops available in the market have keyboard shortcuts which help to dim the backlight too. Hold the fn and then press the F9 button to diminish brightness of the screen. To increase the brightness, hold the fn button and then press the f10 button on the keyboard. Also, in the Control Panel there should be ‘Power Options’ option which helps one to optimize the usage…show more content…
Defragmentation is really needed. Eliminate unwanted and unused programs, softwares and applications. Also, every now and then remember to clear the cached memory and old files too. • Invest in a Solid State Drive (SSD): Mechanical hard disks with moving (rotating) parts consume more battery power when compared to a SSD. This is why modern laptops come with SSD to provide better power as well as quick operation of laptops. • Charge and drain your laptop: If your laptop battery is a Nickel Metal Hydride battery then let it charge to its fullest potential and then completely drain again before charging. Repeat this process at least once a month. This helps to have a longer shelf life for the battery. • Buy a new battery: Contrary to popular belief, every laptop battery is exhaustible. If you plan to buy a new one, always go for HP Laptop Batteries as they have much better power life than batteries of other brands available in the

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