Use Of Manipulation In Macbeth

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In the thrilling Macbeth by William Shakespeare, he discusses the act of manipulation that one human does to another human being. Manipulation means that someone controls over influences another person in a unique way to gain an advantage of some sort. Shakespeare uses manipulation to give a characterization of dominance. Lady Macbeth starts with the dominance character but eventually the roles switch and Macbeth becomes dominant. Lady Macbeth uses the craft of manipulation and dominance over her husband. In the beginning of the dramatic play, Macbeth is taken advantage of by Lady Macbeth because she uses her determination, lying skills and her husband’s weakness. Shakespeare investigates this concept with the more emotional a character is that the character is easier to manipulate. Lady Macbeth uses her drive and passion to help ignite a fire for Macbeth’s ambition. She understands the importance of killing Duncan could elevate Macbeth to become king. She believes that to “fill [her], from the crown to the toe, top full/[o]f [direct]…show more content…
All of Scotland sees macbeth as this courageous and great hero who “thy praises in his kingdom’s great defence” (1.3.7). While Lady Macbeth thinks “...screw your courage to the sticking-place” (1.VII.17) about Macbeth who is acting like a phony due to him being indecisive. She also terrifies Macbeth by talking about the fact that no child “h[as] pluck’d [her] nipple…” (1.VII.17) and due to this, the big question that hangs over Macbeth’s head is what is going to be of his legacy once he dies. In this time period, legacy meant passing down the great name that was created to future generation especially future male heirs. But in this case, Macbeth’s legacy will be what-ever the citizens of Scotland say about him. Lady Macbeth pointing out Macbeth’s weakness shows that he needs to prove something to her and gain a reputation that will live past him once he is

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