Use Of Money In The Great Gatsby

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Money cannot buy the American Dream. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s use of the color green throughout the novel The Great Gatsby shows that all the money in the world is not enough to buy the American Dream. Gatsby is introduced as “new money” during the post war period of the 1920’s. His American Dream is to buy social status and recapture the love of Daisy, but it is an unattainable hope.
During the prohibition era, Gatsby sells liquor to gain sufficient wealth and impress Daisy enough to win her back. When she sees his tailor made shirts, she realizes how wealthy he is, and cries. At that moment, he became a way for her to get back at her unfaithful husband, Tom. After she kills Myrtle Wilson, however, she abandons Gatsby and his love, and allows him to take the blame for Myrtle's death. Gatsby pays the ultimate price for his love Daisy when Myrtle's husband, George, kills him. Gatsby's money did not help him fulfill his American Dream of spending the rest of his life with the with woman he loved.
Additionally, in an attempt to enlarge his circle of friends, Gatsby throws extravagant parties. None of the guests are aware of who he is, and most attend the glamorous events to increase their own social status. When Gatsby is killed by George, most of those
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He always seems very aware of the poverty he experienced earlier in life, and attempts to wipe all of that out by gaining wealth. Gatsby, over the course of 3 years, earns enough money to become part of the “new money” class. He then throws extravagant parties and buys expensive possessions to give him the appearance of belonging to the “old money” class. He does not quite make the transition, however, and their remains a barrier between Gatsby and Daisy, who is very comfortable with her “old money” status. It is clear from Gatsby's experiences, that money cannot guarantee that a person will change their social
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