Mobile Phones In School Essay

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Phones are one of the most used devices so why should students be allowed to use them in school. Phones are getting less and less popular because teachers say they are too distracting. But they can be useful in many ways for teachers and students. In some schools, teachers say phones are too distracting, but the should allow students to have them in school because it is a good communication device, phones can help the school save money, and they can help students stay organized.
Cellphones make a good communication devices in schools. They make it easier for parents to communicate with their kids if they have an emergency or if their kid has an emergency. It also helps the parents not be so worried if their kid is actually at school because
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Students can set reminders on there phone to remind them when assignments are due so they do not turn in anything late or not done. Students can also make notes on there phone instead of on paper because they will probably end up losing the notes if they write them on paper. Also it would make the school look better because everyone is remembering when assignments are due and they are turning them in on time and finished instead of turning them in late or not finished. Although phones are distracting and can make students forget what they are doing they can also help them stay organized by putting reminders on their phones so they know when assignments are due that week. Therefore keeping phones in school will help students stay organized with assignments by knowing when they are due so they can get better grades and by not losing notes that they would write down on paper. Schools should allow phones in school because they help students turn in assignments on time to get good grades, help save money so the school has money for more important things, and help with communication between students and the teacher or between the student and parent. Phones are also the most used device on a day to day basis so students should be allowed to use them. If schools allow students to use their phones in school they will see grades going up and see that they will have more money to spend on other
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