Use Of Propaganda In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Countries that have an autocratic leader usually have a group that spreads propaganda that helps make the leader sound better than reality. Animal Farm, written by George Orwell has an example of this. Napoleon is an autocratic leader in charge of a farm and has Squealer spread propaganda about him that makes him seem better by his supposed courage and leadership. In order to rally support for Napoleon, Squealer persuades the animals to believe Snowball is the enemy by using logos and by rewriting history. Squealer used logos to convince the animals that Napoleon is a hero and Snowball is the enemy. As the animals were gathered together listening to Squealer, Squealer said “It has all been proved by documents which he left behind him and which we have just discovered” (56). These documents are presented as proof of Snowball’s working with Farmer Jones to undermine Animal Farm. The animals believe Squealer because most of them are unable to read and since the pigs can read, the animals believe the pigs must be correct in saying that Snowball is working with Jones. Squealer used the rhetorical strategy of rewriting history to convince the animals that Napoleon is a hero…show more content…
Even so, we still see some rhetoric in our everyday lives even though this is a democratic country. Sometimes, the government covers up things that happened and use rhetoric to try to convince the people. Rhetoric also play a huge role in decision making. Many people act blindly by rhetoric and find out later that they have been tricked. The animals on the farm were tricked into letting Napoleon be the leader and take over control. They only found out later that the pig government and the human government are basically the same. If there is one thing you should get away from this book, it is to “say no to autocratic
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