Use Of Satire In The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn

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The Path to Freedom The Civil War movement took place in the 1800, which is the period that Mark Twain lived in and witnessed the massive racism, torture, and persecution toward African Americans. Mark Twain uses the word “nigger” more than one time in his writing. He did not mean to insult or criticize African Americans, but using the word nigger at that time was considered a natural word that people use. Twain, the author of The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn is using Satire about the racist between black and white in the south in that time, but people misunderstood Twain’s message about his story. They mistakenly think that Twain is a racist writer who is making fun of African Americans, and he is not treating them as normal human beings.…show more content…
His point is to show how African Americans can sometime be better than white people. Huck is a young poor, intelligent, and uneducated boy. He is independent and he always has his own point of view on things. Because he is a child, so he wants to know and explore more about life. Twain shows Huck’s father, whose name is Pap as a rebel, drunk, and an outsider. When pap appeared at the beginning of the novel he made Huck’s life complicated and lead him to suffer a lot. Twain compares both Jim and Pap as fathers. He shows how much Jim loves his little daughter. He once whacks his daughter for not obeying his words, but afterward he burst out crying with remorse, and the felling of guilt. “Although being a father is an important role and a huge responsibility in normal families, Pap shows no such concern toward Huck. The only thing he cares about is getting drunk every day until he doesn't remember himself. Pap is a contrasting figure to Jim who is described in the book as the agent of goodness and honesty. Huck's father is the example of all worlds' immorality and filthiness. ” (Stats). This shows how Twain is comparing both Pap as a father and Jim as a father. Twain shows how the white man treats his son comparing to Jim and how he treats his daughter. Being a father is not an easy thing because fathers are really important in the family; However, Twain shows how…show more content…
People thought that Twain is racist because he uses the word nigger so many times in his writing. Twain did not mean to criticize African Americans; however, he wanted to prove to everyone that racism should not be alive and that it is not the subject of his novel. On the other hand, Twain was treating Jim the black character in the book very badly. He used to trick him and make fun of him, but things has changed as the novel progresses. They start to become really good friends, and at the end they both got survived and had their freedom
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