Use Of Simile In Ernest Hemingway's Hills Like White Elephants

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Among all the genres, short story is the most attractive and impressive type to me. I love how casual and free when writing a short story since it requires no rules, everything appear randomly. Unlike other genres , short story is not written in a frame. It has diverse style and no rules to follow. It can be a plot or a dialogue at a spot. Although it has limited character description, author mainly focus on details and try to build their images through a sign, a sight or a sigh. Therefore, every detail has its meaning.

I have learnt different writing skills in lessons but I realized the use of simile can be more complicated and present the main content. From the short story ‘Hills Like White Elephants’ by Ernest Hemingway , the hills have another meaning which implies a pregnant lady’s tummy. I did not understand this simile until I went over the whole story twice. The first time I read the story,I doubt what is the relationship between the two main characters (the American and the girl) and I was confused of the ‘thing’ they are discussing. Honestly , I thought the man is convincing the girl to have sex with him at the first time. And then I went back
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The time for fully understanding this story took longer time than ‘Hills Like White Elephants’.The reaction of the Mrs.Mallard is so unusual and astonishing , she feels overjoyed and pleased when she receives the news of her husband’s death. Her joyous tears is abnormal so I can not understand the storyline at first. Through analysing the story, I discover that the author arranged the story very well. Irony is found in this story, it is ironic that the one should be alive dies and the one who should be dead is alive. Unexpected characters’ reaction and ending make the story remarkable. That is why short story attracts me more than other stories, although it is short in length, the story bring amazement to readers in
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