Use Of Situational Irony In Invitation To Murder

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The mysterious story “Invitation to Murder” is written by Josh Pachter. Within the story, Josh Pachter incorporated a numerous amount of events that involve situational irony. Such as, the weapons that were displayed on the table near Mr. Abbott. Upon the table rested a long bladed kitchen knife, a thin strand of wire with a wooden handle attached to each end, a length of iron pipe, an amber bottle labeled with a grinning skull and crossbones, and a revolver. The situational irony was that the weapons were meant to kill, but one of those very objects was needed to sustain Mr. Abbott’s dwindling life force. Due to Mr. Abbott’s unfortunate skiing accident he was forced to lie dormant with a ruptured mind, and needed the liquid in the skull and crossbones bottle; it was toxic to most healthy beings. It was ironic because a deadly poison was need to prolong the life of Mr. Abbott. Situational irony is used periodic throughout “Invitation to Murder”.…show more content…
For example, the gentlemen that Mrs. Abbott called forth to blame, blamed her instead. Mrs. Abbott recruit all the men to her house in order to blackmail them into helping her cover up the murder of her husband. Each of the gentlemen chosen, had precise records of being enormous benefactors of the law. If the press ever found out that the men participated in a murder indirectly, their reputations would be completely abolished. While Mrs. Abbott attempted to convince the officers to take part in a crime, but they instead they blamed her for the murder of Mr. Abbott. Throughout the story, situational irony is intertwined in certain sections to create suspense and
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