Social Media Studies

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Earlier studies, has revealed the use of social media for higher studies as it is really helpful and knowledge seeking for students studying at that level. In the same way it also says that use of social media is not an easy job to do. At higher education level the difficult education tasks are done by using complex techniques of social media and this helps the students to understand the world of internet more elaborately. Studies on many communities of students shows that working on social media requires hard work and commitment. Eventhough social media world is getting better day by day but still there are some researchers who still prefer to stick to their old means of research. Researchers
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At the school level knowledge material provide by the teacher is considered to be enough for the student. At higher level of studies social media provides justification for every aspect to be right or wrong. Students who do not have direct access to the teacher can have their queries resolved by social media. Among the other websites like Facebook it is a very easily approachable mean for the students to interact with each other as well as with the teachers. Universities now prefer online admissions, online tests, even online classes. In online work probability of mistakes is negligible. Online discussions can result in discussions by students outside the typical classroom environment as it is more attractive. Wikipedia can help the students to get information about anything that may be a city, a personality etc. This can result in affective learning. Social media enable learners and teachers to share and publish information as a result of the learning activity. Social media can help the studets in collaborative studies and social interactions with teachers and other students.
2.2 Effects of social media on the Academic Performance of Students
Research has revealed that students who are active on social media and prefers to get knowledge from social media are more grades scoring then those who do not prefer this method. Social media helps students to interact with each other in a better manner. Information on every aspect of world is available so students can perform in a better way getting information from social media. This as a resuly improve their GPA.
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