Use Of Verbal Irony In Shakespeare's As You Like It

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Shakespeare is taught in classrooms worldwide, but it some students lack interest in this subject because they might find it boring. This problem could be solved if it were taught in a way that engages students. The CJEA Acting Troupe has found a way to do this by taking a scene from the Shakespeare play As You Like It and modernizing it into a play about life in middle school. The play is a parallel story to the scene where Orlando demands food from Duke Senior, Orlando threatening him with his sword. The Duke gives him the food, and while Duke Senior and his friends are eating, a friend, Adam, suddenly dies. In our play, The Answers, a character paralleling to Duke Senior, James, is doing homework with friends when a character paralleling to Orlando, Phoenix, demands for answers to a homework assignment, threatening to delete their Snapchat streak and delete his vine account.…show more content…
This play shows a typical middle school situation about getting what you want and doing whatever it takes to get it. Verbal irony is used to display sarcasm, situational is used to show the unexpected outcomes in certain situations and dramatic irony is used to let the audience know certain things before some of the characters know. Comedic elements and other events are added to enhance the story and make it more appealing and enjoyable to middle school students. If other students were to see this play, they would be encouraged to explore Shakespeare’s plays and connect them to their own lives. This would cause the students to see how Shakespeare’s writing is still relevant today. The CJEA Acting Troupe’s play, The Answers, should be selected to show in the Sandler Center because it attracts middle school audiences and inspires them to explore the famous works of
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