Use Of Weather In The Great Gatsby

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Many authors use different techniques to communicate various ideas and feelings of characters. The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, takes place in the roaring twenties and follows Nick Carraway. The story revolves around a young and wealthy man, who happens to be Nick’s neighbour, Jay Gatsby. Gatsby is very mysterious to others, but Nick discovers his determination to reunite with his true love, Daisy. Gatsby and Daisy have not encountered each other in many years and readers become aware that it is impossible to change the past. Nick observes and learns a lot about Gatsby; gaining many life lessons throughout the novel. To assist in portraying these meaningful events, the author uses the weather and the environment. To begin, Fitzgerald uses the setting to provide a correlation to the characters in the novel. The author also uses the weather to mirror the emotions of the characters. Furthermore, the seasons help set the mood of the various scenarios. In conclusion, in The Great Gatsby the author heavily relies on the weather and the environment to emphasize events and people using the setting, daily weather, and seasons. To start, Fitzgerald…show more content…
The setting is an important concept in the novel because it assists in establishing the backgrounds of characters. It also shows the readers how the characters relate to where they live. To add on, Fitzgerald capitalizes the weather to mirror the emotions of the characters. Many of the weather occurrences occur in situations involving Gatsby because he is the purpose of the book. To expand on this, the author uses the different seasons to set the mood for the events taking place or that will take place in the future. To conclude, Fitzgerald relies heavily on the weather and environment in The Great Gatsby, using the setting, weather patterns, and seasons, to emphasize characters’ emotions, mood, and

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