Theories Of User Experience

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User experience (UX) is a design principle whereby it studies previous user interactions and user experiences with a product. These experiences and interactions analyse the users emotions, feelings, behaviours and attitudes while analysing the specified product. This analysing process then leads to the analyst giving their own response and perception and it results from constant viewing and analysing over time whereby it examines the product use with the user and often it may involve the analyst having to give their view on anticipated experience with the product or service in question. Which these finding methods have been gradually developed over time to aid the product development. The main outcome / objective of user experience
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These theories have been evolved through the analysing process and through the users experience and how they present their experiences to the analyst. There are a wide variation of advantages and disadvantages of these theories.
The advantages would lead to receiving the user experience perceptions and providing the product designers and companies with vital information on the ergonomics and feel good factors of the product in question. These recordings are vital to the product evolution and it can have a very broad impact on the product from the aesthetics, ergonomics, material usage and size of the product. This information can often lead to an increased output for the product following its evolution process following the user experience findings.
Some of the main Disadvantages found about these theories are that in some cases there is no defined scale to judge the product on. That is because different people have different perceptions to scales and it is hard to get accurate recordings following the analysing
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It is defined as ‘’translating technology of a consumer’s feeling and image for a product into a design element’’ the main objective of the practice is to implement the users feelings and image they have about the product into the design of the product. Kansei engineering has become increasingly popular as products are becoming much more consumer orientated than ever before. The consumer’s feelings and pleasures are now more valuable than ever before to designers as it supplies them with guidance as to where their product needs improvement. Back in the 1970’s companies began to design products based on their own personal perception they also used to produce products on a large volume this then lead too customers having to buy the product weather it suited the customer’s needs or not. This then leads to a low level of customer satisfaction this shows us greatly how companies are thinking nowadays as they are more customers orientated. This now leads to much more satisfied customers and they can choose a product that suits their needs and also they can look at products through a lens that will look at the brand

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