Using Erickson's Psychosocial Theory

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1. Using Erikson’s psychosocial theory, explain the importance of developing different types of relationships in early adulthood.
The sixth stage of Erickson’s theory is based on intimacy versus isolation. In the sixth stage, a person should be able to form intimate relationships that are not just sexual, but close friendships that allow open and honest attachments (Berk, 2014). This stage is only successful if the individual has mastered the previous stages before stage six. An example is if a person has failed stage five and they were unable to form a healthy self-esteem level or is still struggling with self-identity, this type of person may not be able to form any intimate relationships, therefore resulting in those people choosing to live in what Erickson calls isolation.
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Based on the study, for a child who is involved in a parental divorce prior to the age of 7, the long-term effects of that divorce seemed to debilitate them as adults. Knowing this information and basing it on Erickson’s eight stages of a lifespan, by the time a prodigy of a divorce child reaches the age of 7, they have undergone at least three and a half stages, which are trust versus mistrust, autonomy versus shame/doubt, initiative versus guilt, and industry versus inferiority. If a child failed to achieve any of these stages, the long-term effects will be noticed as an adult. As a therapist who is treating an adult of divorced parents prior to the age of 7, I would first look at how I can helped them master the first 3 ½ stages of their life. It is imperative that the child is able to complete the first stage, which is trust versus mistrust. By mastering this first stage, it would provide the building blocks to building and completing the total lifespan with

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