Essay On Green Plastic

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At the end of the twentieth century plastics have become one of the most used materials on earth; moreover, more and more plastic products are being used all over the world as the world’s population grows, which was an essential factor for developing and improving the humans way of living. However, as time passes many of these plastics turn out to make a major contribution to the world’s pollution, which raised many issues. One of these issues is the harm that was caused by the pollution made by plastics waste. In my research paper I hope to demonstrate that using conventional plastics is endangering our environment dramatically. Consequently, using green plastics are a must in order to conserve the environment from any harm. Briefly, green plastics or bio-plastics, are plastics that are biodegradable and are usually made mostly or entirely from renewable resources. That issue was aroused by the pollution that was made by the accumulation of plastic products in the environment that adversely affected wildlife and led to the death of many marine birds and animals. As a result of this disaster, scientists in 1990s proposed that we should use green plastics as environmentally friendly alternative to diminish the harm on wildlife and on the environment. However, some people are opposed to that proposal simply because green plastics are extremely expensive in comparison to conventional plastics, because they require innovative methods to create them which bring the cost up. Additionally, some people contend that bio plastics only compost in the hot, moist settings of a commercial composting facility. Moreover, green plastics cannot be recycled…show more content…
One of these reasons is technology; plastic has been utilized to make autos lighter. Accordingly, less oil is utilized to activate vehicles and less CO2 will be transmitted. Furthermore, plastic compartments give safe approaches to get rid of noxious
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