Using Too Much Ketchup Is Illegal In The School Cafeterias

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Shoyo School Rules
★1. Ketchup is illegal in the school cafeterias. Using too much ketchup in school lunches is seen as "Too American" and students will soon forget the taste of Japanese cuisine. However, if someone orders a plate of French fries, they can have a small plate of ketchup and the sauce cannot be used with other food.
★2. Teachers are not allowed to mark their student 's papers using red ink. Red color is seen as frightening and unfriendly. Students get upset easily when they receive their test paper in red ink. Instead, teachers have to use more soothing / calming colors such as blue, purple or yellow.
★3. Students must take a 30-minute nap on their desk after lunch as it encourages better learning. The school believes that having
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