Frederick Herzberg Theory Of Motivation

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TITLE: ‘Using two theories of motivation you have studied, discuss the importance of motivation in the workplace.’

Research Question: What are the theories of motivation and how do they impact the success of a business?
This research question is relevant as it creates a route for investigation. It allows me to investigate and evaluate the theories of motivation by evaluating and understanding their validity and whether or not they impact the success of a business as the success of their business is one of the, if not the, main objective(s) of business owners.

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I will formulate a clear and comprehensive research question. I
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Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and Herzberg’s two-factor theory both highlight ways through which workers can be/remain motivated and attain job satisfaction.
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs was developed by Abraham Maslow; an American psychologist. It is arranged into a pyramid with physiological needs at the bottom followed by safety and security, love and belonging, esteem needs and ending with self-actualization at the top. Frederick Herzberg was an American psychologist, just like Maslow. He created a list of motivators that he believed would help give employees job satisfaction and hygiene factors that could lead to demotivation.
Maslow’s hierarchy shows that although it is perceived that good pay at work should keep a worker happy and motivated, it is not enough, and rather that esteem, fulfillment of potential and appreciation are what truly motivates workers. Maslow believed that decision-making and challenges were more important than adequate pay in terms of
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According to the Denver Post, Anadarko Petroleum works on motivating employees through a work-life balance. Stephanie Segur, a system analyst working for the company, was quoted saying "I strive for personal happiness by being successful in my career and in my family life,". Anadarko Petroleum is first on the list of top employers in Colorado, U.S.A. The reason for this is simply that they ensure that all needs are met. Maslow’s theory can be seen as workers receive adequate pay, safety, easy work schedules, esteem worker-appreciation, work-evaluations and decision
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