Korean War Causes

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To many people, the Korean War was considered to be the fight between the two sides of the country: North and South, which started due to the fact that North Korean leader at the time, Kim Il Sung, wanted to influence South Korea, and make it a communist country. But these two sides were not the only ones fighting in this conflict, two communist countries and a capitalist country were also involved in the warfare. It is safe to say that communism played a huge role in the Korean War because of the Soviet Union’s influence on the North, making the area full of communism, and the fact that it was the reason why the U.S. decided to intervene the moment North Korea attacked the South. For instance, the north side of Korea became communist shortly…show more content…
immediately intervened in the beginning of the Korean War. This is mainly because the capitalist country was extremely afraid of communism spreading around the world, particularly Asia, and would do anything to stop it. The events following the U.S. joining the war created a tension between the country and the Soviet Union, which will later lead to the “Cold War”, because of the U.S.’ plans on stopping the spreading of communism throughout different parts of the globe. The whole conflict between the two countries was caused mainly caused by communism and one’s desire of dominating the whole world. Due to the U.S. worrying about the Soviets’ plans on spreading communism, they centered their foreign policy on the containment of communism, both home and abroad. By having this policy in control, the U.S. was determined that it would at least prevent communism from spreading in other parts of Asia since it already started a war in the…show more content…
Sixty-seven nations participated in the war, with sixteen of the provided troops coming from the US. The Korean War ended with an agreement between China and the USSR and the U.S. and unfortunately, there were no real winners in the war. At the end, the Soviet Union succeeded in their plan on making a country communist. Even though they tried really hard and kept fighting, the U.S. could not prevent North Korea from becoming a communist country. One could say that the war showed the U.S. that they should not do the same mistake again and helped them go through other wars consisting of communism (eg. the Vietnam
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