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December 2, 1943 USS Narwhal surfaces at Butuan Bay on its 8th War Patrol; McKay family Col. Fertig and his men were waiting at the mouth of Agusan River at Butuan Bay for USS Narwhal to arrive and surface and he was expecting to receive tons of war supplies. Narwhal was on her 8th patrol that left Port Darwin in November 25 bound for Butuan Bay loaded with 90 tons of arms, ammunition, medicine and stores to re-supply Fertig’s guerrillas in Mindanao. Also aboard the Narwhal, twelve operatives composed of three Army officers and nine en-listed men who were Filipinos selected from the First and Second Filipino Infantry Regiment in California to be dropped off on different islands in Southern Philippines. The officers were Capt. Smith, Capt. Evans and Lt. Robert Stahl. They were on six months special mission to work with the coast watchers keeping an eye on Japanese activities along the coast. USS Narwhal, on her way to Butuan Bay, encountered AP Omi-Maru, a 3390-ton class Japanese warship sailing alone. The enemy fired first salvo against Narwhal but missed and she (the Narwhal) returned the fire. The enemy ship was hit, exploded, caught on fire and sunk. There was no known survivor. Narwhal submerged and continued her course to Butuan Bay running at 2 knots; slipping through the narrow passage of Surigao…show more content…
Commander Latta's submarine Narwhal was the life-line for the guerrillas on Mindanao. Without his delivery of guns, ammunition, medicine, and stores, the guerrillas would not have been equipped and effective harassing and controlling the Japanese troop's

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