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Concert Report: University of Utah Chamber Choir 4/26/16 The first piece of the evening was “Versa est in Luctum” by Tomás Luis de Victoria.. Throughout the piece, the University of Utah Chamber Choir: did a nice job of creating nice gentle crescendos. This was created by the connection the choir and their conductor created with each other. This connection allowed them to not only seamlessly change in dynamics, but to also create beautiful emotion which accurately portrayed the mournful nature of the song. Their diction was impeccable, and the choice to employ open vowels helped to contribute to this. The next piece performed by the University of Utah Chamber Choir was a movement composed by Christopher Bradford. The movement is called “4…show more content…
The ease with which the Sopranos sang, greatly contributed to this contrast as well, and established the idea that even in the darkest moments of a person’s life, beauty can be found, if they chose to discover it. This particular piece also contained seamless transitions between parts of both the song and of the choir, along with the use of voiced consonants and the beautiful choice of vowels. Next, The University of Utah Chamber Choir sang, “Curse Upon Iron” by Veljo Tormis. The quick tempo often made this song difficult to understand because of how muddled words would become. However, when the tempo decreased, the choir had nice open vowels and voiced consonants such as a “k” on the word “cursed”. The Chamber Choir did a marvelous job of following their conductor, which allowed dynamical changes, as well as accentuation to be produced. The resonance produced by the Choir helped to augment the text, and make the piece more enticing to watch. In “My Romance”, arranged by Bernell Hales, The University of Utah Chamber Choir did a magnificent job of connecting with the text and creating a sense of love and gentleness throughout. Through the use of diction, and dynamics, the song flowed beautifully and easily. The employment of this flow, helped the giddy and lovestruck emotions shine
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