Utilitarian Ethics: Tim C. Mazur: One Of Ethical Ethics

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Lying is one of the ethics cases that usually happen in our daily life. We know that lying is a one of unethical behaviour that everyone must avoid because it will give harm to a person that has been cheated. The case study that we choose was written by Tim C. Mazur about lying. Based on this case study, Tim C. Mazur was written about Ross Perot 's who a politician person that lied about he secretly investigated his presidential campaign volunteers. And according to a philosopher, Immanuel Kant said that lying was always morally wrong. Besides that, second perspective which is virtue ethics that Tim C. Mazur was discuss in this case study also maintains that lying is morally wrong but though less strictly than Immanuel Kant perspective about lying. Next perspectives that have in this case study are utilitarian ethics. Utilitarian claim that actions including lying are morally acceptable when the resulting consequences maximize benefit or minimize harm. So based on this case study, we will discuss about lying based on positive side and also negative side which is in ethical and unethical value.
Everyone knows that lying is not a good action that someone must do. It also not have a good valuable even though children in age four years old knows that lying is are something that cannot be consider as an ethical actions. But not everyone lies because of selfish or wants to do something that can be harm to other people life. People who was lie have

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