Utilitarianism In Computer Science

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The utilitarianism is common approach to make ethical decisions. The main point of this approach is that you have to make that decision which comes with the most utility. The utility in this approach can be described as „The good”, and the opposite of this is „the bad”. This means that in Computer Science you have to produce a computer programme or a hardware, which produces the largest amount of good , and during the producing phase, it makes the least amount of bad, for all who are affected: customers, employees, and even the enviroment. With the utilitarian viewpoint people can make right, and ethical decisions, for instance if you produce a programme which can make life easier for millions of people, you should not sell it for extremly…show more content…
In other words, if you are working for the greater good, you are using the utilitarian approach.
In the killer robot case study I was able to notice the lack of utilitarian decisions. There the people were led by fear, since they had a very strict deadline. In this case study the first problem, which eventually led to the death of the robot operator, was to choose a manager from the data processing devision, to be the chief of the Robbie CX30 project. This decision was only led by
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It is important to protect, these, and the thefts of these are can be considered as criminal acts. Stealing intellectual property is clearly unethical, since it is almost the same as stealing physical objects from a person. Not only intellectual property is important for CS developers, and employees, but they have to pay attention to the fact, that there might be some conflicts of interest. It is really important to find solutions for these conflicts, since a team can only be affective and ethical, when all the members can agree on one main aim. More important, that to avoid these conflicts everyone has to know what is his or her duty. Complete your work on time is a crucial requirement of all teamwork, this is why duty is one of the most important ethical framework of all teams. You are ethical if you complete your work on time, since you will not let down the other members of your group. During our work research has a great importance, so we have to follow the research ethics. This means that our research cannot have any impact on the group we are researching. For instance give private information to the government is unethical. Everyone has the right to privacy. We should also pay attention to minimalise and avoid the damage and harm, we might cause with our work. If we choose a faster
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