Utilitarianism In The Modern Era

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Thought of conquering the world passes through the borders, disrupts the world and ponders a kind of a novel isomorphism. Slow trend of the tradition era's utilitarianism exploits dauntlessly and speculatively the context in the modern era and future is sacrificed for the moment. Try to fill the gap of the context facts, with current comfort-seeking of users, has turned into a reverse trend and in an effort to change, industrial tools have changed into the agent of destruction, and in the aftermath of this overturn, successive crises are flaunting. Previous century began with the slogan of intervention and change. And rootless cities grew in the land instead of rows of trees and disturbed move of the means of communication filled the path…show more content…
Yet floor, walls and ceiling are light, free and floating in the dense buildings and their differences in protection ability are provided by the environment, energy and industrial tools, which this method alters context features since it is in the range of the supernatural behavior. Context-oriented architecture is camouflaged in the context by various methods and designer benefits all natural forces and features in such a way that the least noticeable transformation occurs in the text. Earth shelter, light exposure, air movement, and water evaporation, all are working to have minimum impact on the environment along with the maximum interaction with the created space. So, this architecture doesn't aim at maximum exploitation by repeated renewals, but protection of the constructed structures and restoration and use change and their compatibility with current practices of the life as much as…show more content…
In this architecture, beauty is attained by the manner of compatibility and sometimes case conflicts that highlight the natural values. Morphological nature, available materials, building combination with the natural environment and the collective environment are used in such a way that three elements of architecture, green space, and the city are integral part of each other. Issues such as diversity, transformability, recycling and so on are other features that form the foundations of aesthetics in this

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