Utilitarianism: Why War Is A Good Thing

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Why War is Good We are Mariah, Jordan, Siri, Chong, and Kevin, and we believe that war is a good thing. We believe this because it has lead to many technological advances, it is good for the economy, and lastly it supports the theory of utilitarianism. Throughout human history we see examples of war being spurred by technology, but we also see technological jumps occurring during or following times of war. Though not originally invented for war, one of the earliest examples of this is the expansion of Roman infrastructure through the building of roads to supply their military troops. The infamous Appian Way, or “queen of the roads”, was originally built in 312 B.C.E. and was intended as a supply route Rome and some of its allies in Capua.…show more content…
War is good based on the theory of utilitarianism because the Government is only sending a few hundred men over to serve our country. While those men are overseas, they could potentially be saving a couple hundred to thousands of people. They could also be saving our country and our Government as well. The families of the men and women getting sent over will be sad, but they will also be happy that their loved ones are protecting them from the enemies of other countries. The Just War theory can also be applied to why war is good as well. The Just War Theory states that it is a military action that is justified as being permissible for legal or moral reasons. So if the Government chooses war as the best action to follow, they are correct because it is the morally right thing to do. The Just War Theory coincides with Utilitarianism when deciding if war is good or bad. Overall, war is good because there has been technological advances either during or after the times of war. With the advances there has been the building of roads, and linking computers across country for faster communication. There has also been an advance with the microwave oven in the late 1800s. There has also been a higher demand for jobs such as moving nuclear weapons across country and working with the development of the internet.
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