Utilization Of Language In Blood Wedding By Gabriel Garcia Lorca

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Written by Federico Lorca, a Spanish poet and playwright in 1932, the play is set in rural Andalusia, a place where Lorca spent much of his time growing up. Lead by a female protagonist, the ‘Bride’ he was able to empathise to a greater extent with the struggles women faced, in terms of how their role in society had an impact upon them. Set in the traditional 5 act structure, from exposition to denouement, the play is structured to develop a level of catharsis with the audience. Through Blood Wedding Lorca perhaps wanted to comment on the social structure of Spain at the time, looking at how a predominantly catholic and patriarchal society had an affect upon the characters. The language used in the play, 'Blood Wedding ' is greatly critical in completely understanding the feeling and environment that its author Federico García Lorca is attempting to depict. The first symbolic utilization of language in the play is the names used for the diverse characters, rather than giving every character an individual name and personality, Lorca gave them characteristic and symbolic qualities, for instance the mother, the bride and the wife. The only name used, Leonardo, is a significantly symbolic name, recommending the quality of a lion, a feeling of flame and enthusiasm is made, and likewise the thought about the Spanish importance of the name, which are lion (leo) and I blaze (ardo). These implications that the reader gets just from the name and the Spanish implications have a solid

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