Utopia Act Pros And Cons

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Register to read the introduction…The USA is not a perfect place, and it isn’t even close to becoming on. With the Utopia act we’ll combat three areas of importance: Tax Rates, the absurd federal budget, and housing for the homeless. The ultimate premise of the bill is to get America in a Surplus, to a point where income is more than spending. We haven’t been in a surplus in almost 15 years, and every year things become all the more distraught. The major contributor of which is the wasteful budgeting of the Government. A Few weeks ago congress announced a new budget bill. For the first time in a long time Republicans and Democrats “agreed” on a bill. The lack thereof was what lead to the Government shutdown of 2013, so it seems like a good this right? Nope! China, a country of 1.4 Billion people, only spends about 132 billion dollars on its military. Obviously China is a major threat to America right? Well, not quite, America spends 600 billion dollars a year on defense, which is nearly 4 times as much. Education, Sciences, housing and other important parts of the budget are neglected.

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