Utopia Or Dystopia Essay

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Dystopia is a world where nothing is perfect.

Humans are cruel, ruthless and narrow minded according to historical events such as the 9/11, the holocaust and the slave trade where millions of people mourned. Is Adam and Eve to blame for our current adversities and the dystopia were destined to face? Like governments and dictatorships, religion is a powerful mechanism in influencing large amounts of people. However does religion lead societies into a future of utopia or dystopia?

Karl Marx is famous for promoting communism and for his critique on religion, “religion is the opium of the masses”. The quotation can be interpreted in two ways. Religion is prosperous and offers people the opportunity to escape from reality which is revealed through the word “opium”. Opium is a highly addictive drug that feeds users an euphoric and serene feeling. Secondly religion can alter our perspective on
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Religions sometimes exercises outdated values and beliefs that are not suitable for our current generation. This is preventing social change amongst a mass amount of people. Most religions opposes same - sex marriage and women priests. We live in a new age because we are lucky to have the right, freedom of speech. What we should be doing with our voice is promoting human equality despite a person’s gender, age or race.

On the other hand religion is also the catalyst of social change. A prime example of this is through the religion, Buddhism which practises that all living beings are equal. Moreover leaders such as Martin Luther King fight for civil rights using non violence, based on Christian values. Religion also prevents dystopia and stimulates social change. Religion idealises virtues such as love, faith, hope and justice that are necessary for a safe and pleasant world. Religion has the potential to influence large amounts of people at a single time either for good or
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