Utopian Movement Essay

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Throughout history there have been various reform and utopian movements that are responsible for shaping american culture. These movements have left a lasting effect on the present day american way of life. Many different questions arise when the topic of reform in the 1840’s is discussed. What is the reasoning for the time period behind these movements? Although considered for the most part unsuccessful, did these reforms change the american culture? Which reform was the most important and why? This essay will not only attempt to answer these questions but also draw similarities between 1840s reforms and the more recent 21st century America.…show more content…
Women's rights were a big reform in the 19th century. As is seen women were given few if any rights. Women gained their head of steam for this reform from their active role in abolition. Their roles in slavery reform strengthened their case for their own rights. This is because by stepping into social reforms women were bypassing the gender barrier set up by the Seneca Falls Convention. Women altered the inferior mindset they had lived with for the larger part of their lives. Currently women in the United States have what is believed to be equality. There is a woman running for president!! Without the tenacity and will of 19th century women's rights reformers, america could very well still view women as inferior.
The 1840s featured more than a few reforms and attempted utopias. For the most part the utopias were a resounding failure. They established agricultural life and superior education. However they shifted from their roots and in return did not last long. Social reforms were a large part of the 19th century. Women gained a start towards equality as did African-Americans. The more recent reforms and utopias had the same basic principles of those in the 1840s. Given their were some drastic differences between the two it is seen that reform was an influential aspect in crafting current american
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