Utopian Society Response

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Utopia by Thomas More, in my opinion, has the most compelling argument out off all of the texts. I believe this for many reasons. One would be that everyone in this society fends for himself or herself. No one is sitting around eating chips on the couch while someone else farms for their food. Everyone farms while learning their own trade to help benefit themselves and others. Farming and learning a desired trade is part of a Utopian’s normal day and is labeled as work. The people in this society only work a six-hour day with a two-hour break, which is another reason why this society is the most compelling. In American, there aren’t many people who work an 8-hour day. Work either comes home with people or they stay late at the office in order to finish the work that has been given to them. This leads me to my next reason, which is the fact that these people are working on building and creating things that people can actually use. There aren’t any office jobs with pointless work such as magazines because this society uses their spare time to learn rather than to read or listen to some gossip or a made up…show more content…
What a dream it would be to only work six hours instead of 8-10 hours a day. Most jobs today say you will only work a 40 hour week, when in reality you are putting in an average or 60-70 hours a week. Work doesn’t stop when you leave the office. Teachers go home and plan their next lesson when they come home from an 8-hour workday. Handling the stress the kids gave you while at work feels like you are still working when you should be relaxing. Truck driver’s workday isn’t even labeled 8 hours. My father has to be at work at 5 o’clock in the morning everyday and there are times when I only see him come home at 7 o’clock at night. That is a 14-hour day. He pretty much has an hour to hang out before he has to go to bed in order to be up at 4 and at work by 5. What a dream it would be to only work 30 hours a
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