Utopian Views On Humanity In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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William Golding chose to express his anti-utopian views about humanity in Lord of the Flies. After the two World wars the world was shattered by its horrors. The elements of compassion, humanity, civilization seemed to be fast eroding from the face of earth. People during this period often blamed the political system of some nations who were responsible for the war. They failed to realize that it not any particular system that is responsible for the downfall of social order, instead the individual in power are the ones to be blamed. Society is made of individuals and hence there has be a profound change in the thought process of every individual in order to ensure smooth running of the society. This idea of the downfall of society because some individuals, is wonderfully brought out in the novel Lord of the Flies.
The two World Wars left people speechless, their belief in each other started to dwindle. This sowed in the seeds of uncertainty amongst its members. Lord of the Flies brings out this element of uncertainty very vividly. The boys on the island are unsure of any rescue and also are unable to trust each other. The social decline is shown through the disputes amongst Jack and Ralph. The aspect of uncertainty looms even with respect to the beast. None of the boys are sure of who the beast is and how it landed on the mountain. Simon’s death is another example of insecurity on the island. Golding’s ‘Lord of the Flies’ is a post World War II novel which reflects the

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