Utterance In Doug's Case

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The utterance that performed by Doug, it can be regarded as an act of promising. It showed by utterance that performed by Doug was reaction after heard what Mr. Sid was said. He told to Doug to don’t let Allan to drive that car. Then Doug replied, he was the only one who drove that car, he promised. The word “will” in his utterance indicated to future. So the act that would be done by Doug was in future. In the end of the utterance, Doug said “ I promise”, the word promise itself meant a statement that telling someone that you will definitely do something or something will definitely happen in future. In this case, Doug promised to drive that car only by himself to Mr. Sid. Through this fact, this utterance can be regarded as a commissive…show more content…
Middle day in Mr. Sid’s garage was the place where Mr. Sid and Doug had conversation. They have close relationship as a son-in-low and parent-in-low. Mr. knew that Doug would be going to Vegas and, and then he invited Doug to come into his garage to see the car that he would be given to Doug. Doug didn’t believe Mr. Sid gave him to drive that car to Vegas because he knew Mr. Sid loved that car so much. After that, Mr. Sid told Doug to doesn’t let Allan drove that car because he knew there was something wrong with his son and Phil (Doug’s friend) too because he did not like him. Hearing what Mr. Sid said, immediately Allan promised to Mr. Sid that he would bet the only one who drove that car. Doug performed this utterance immediately to Mr. Sid, there was no afraid in Doug face. He also used appropriate word in his promising and his tone clearly. His gesture indicated this was not a big deal, he can handle this. In other hand meant he can keep his promising. Through analysis of context of situation that found in this utterance, function of Doug utterance was promising. It is showed by fact that Doug tried to make sure that what Mr. Sid wanted would be done through his
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