Uwem Akpan's 'My Parents' Bedroom

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The Power of Storytelling When telling a story, it is important to have good listeners. After all, it is those listeners that provide good feedback on how the story was, and how they related, if at all, to it. Stories can be told in many different ways. Whether it is a novel, a graphic novel, a comic, literature, music, a movie or even social media, stories can take any form. There can even be different approaches to storytelling. It could be “truth telling” or basic “story telling.” But, the best way to leave a mark on those listeners is through graphic truth telling. Although story telling can be fun, it’s not on the same level as truth telling and often leaves those listeners confused. To begin with, movies are a good way to tell the…show more content…
Uwem Akpan’s “My Parents’ Bedroom,” is a great example of such a short story. Even though the story is fictional, it follows the Rwandan genocide of 1994 after much many a mob took to the streets murdering the Tutsi population (Akpan 703). During times of war, families bond together as mentioned above. This is exactly what takes place in “My Parents’ Bedroom.” Monique’s mother leaves her and her brother alone for the night but unluckily for Monique, she is tricked and lets in a mob that destroys their house. When her mother and father return the next morning, they all bind together trying to figure out the best option for their daughter (even though their daughter is not included in the conversations). It is this binding together the makes Akpan’s story hit so close to heart. Even though there are plenty of “ghosts” in the “ceiling of the [house],” it is the objective truth that makes the story believable and leave a lasting effect on society (Akpan 716). It is through this story that people realized the horrific effects of the Rwandan genocide. Although Akpan’s story does not include any graphical aspect, it still does a great job in portraying the truth. Thus, factual truth in stories helps readers witness real world
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