V For Vendetta Analysis

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V for Vendetta Review Movie title : V for Vendetta Initial release : February 23, 2006 (Finland) Time : 132 minutes Genre : Action, Drama, and Science Fiction Director : James McTeigue Producer : Joel Silver Larry Wachowski Andy Wachowski Grant Hill Starring : Natalie Portman Hugo Weaving Stephen Rea John Rack, etc. This movie told us regarding the London revolution in 22nd century under totalitarian regime who is led by Adam Sutler. Several who calls his self as V who always use a mask of Guy Fawkes start the terror to the government and invites all citizens in London to join with him create a revolution. In the night when V met with Evey as an officer in a TV station who break the curfew, he executes the first terror, exploding Crime Court London, Old Baley and it is watched by Evey. Afterward she gives his warned to explode the houses of parliament in 5 November, like Guy Fawkes’ desire in some centuries ago. Fingermen as a police in that city that is made by the government has one year to catch him. In the other hand, V has a personal mission, revenge to some people in the past and he has killed some regime. Evey also has a chance to create her revenge, as her parents are one of heaps of victims due to totalitarian government’s rule. Afterwards she become the right-hand of V and she will continue his work to create revolution. I feel this movie is highly politic. As in this movie illustrates regarding the power relation between a

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