V For Vendetta Symbolism

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As citizens of India, we don’t always agree with the rules and regulation that our government imposes, but we have learned to be content as we have knowledge of its long lived history and because of our insecurities in other forms of government. However, it is intriguing to visualize a masked man, simply known as V, taking matters into his own hand and destroying an already established yet corrupt government for the betterment for his fellow citizens. In the film, V for Vendetta, V’s actions gives illustration to the Gunpowder plot which was initiated by Guy Fawkes back in the 16th century, which contributed to the good of the people. Guy Fawkes became known as London’s conspirator in a plot to blow up the parliament in the year 1605. Fawkes, “Gunpowder Plot” was the…show more content…
This symbolises that ideas are bulletproof and ideas lives on, V was able to bring down the old government and even after his death, his ideas gave the people some sense of hope for a better future. And although, V was dead, his ideas would live on forever through Evey. The last scene of the movie in which the parliaments explodes, depicts great symbolism. V destroys it symbolising that ideas cannot be housed in buildings, it should be able to capture the minds of the people and people should also be free to express their own ideas. As the government’s control started to suppress the people in the society, it began to deprive the people with the ability to create their own ideas so they became blind to the corruptions happening within the government. When the government started to tightened their control over the people, V took matter into his own hands and started exposing the corruptions happening within the government. Therefore, it was important that V destroys the parliament, because when he destroyed the parliament, the people removed their masks which symbolises that they are looking towards a new

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