Violence In V For Vendetta

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“I was there. I saw it all. Immigrants, Muslims... Homosexuals, terrorists. Disease-ridden degenerates. They had to go.” As quoted from the dystopian political movie V for Vendetta directed by James McTeique, V believes he is not a terrorist and is a freedom fighter by referring the terrorists as degenerates. With a pursuit of dominant ideology along with government treating him as a huge threat, V is a heroic terrorist in view of his motivation and political affiliation, acts of violence, strategies, and his rationality. Paik argues that V’s acts of violence are driven by the “catastrophes and pressures under which a shattered and traumatized society comes to accept state terror”. Accordingly, he believes that terrorists induced by social injustice are mistaken for all accusations, instead, the government should bear the accountability. Also, “Such neglect can make the resort to inhuman policies appear necessary and inevitable, once a society loses the capacity to distinguish reasonable self-preservation from a destructive and futile defense of unjustifiable expectations.” (Paik 181) This quote suggests that heroes or revolutionary terrorists are under the motives of…show more content…
He blames the state government with the oppression for raging his hatred in the first place. Therefore, the society is no longer protected by law and order, forcing him to create his religion as V and a new set of standards towards right and wrong, threatening social stability. The remarkable logo of V spotted in the film, similar to ISIS declaring its flag to affirm its international status. V as a politically motivated terrorist also resembles with the definition of politically rational terrorism. Sebastian elaborates that terrorists are expected to weigh costs and benefits of the available options and to choose the one that promises the highest expected utility in political
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