V For Vendetta Comparison Essay

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This paper compares the form of control and the methods of achieving that control, which the two governments in the book 1984 and in the film V for Vendetta. The workings of the governments are respectively analyzed and some observations what aspects of control are most important to the two governments described. The methods employed by the governments in an effort to achieve that control reveal that the governments will pursue more and more control. This paper starts with 1984 then discussing V for Vendetta, draws some parallels and comparisons, thereafter making some conclusions about tyrannical governments; in particular, that control of information are vital for this control to be achieved.
In 1984 the government in control of Oceania was aiming for a total control over the population and their everyday lives. But a particularly important subset of that control was control of the mind. Any deviation is not tolerated and deemed ‘thoughcrime’. The government seeks unconscious adoption and adherence to orthodoxy; describing the future Styme says,
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Whereas, in 1984 the government has reached a level of control such that even the resistance is not really violent resistance but a form of thought-based resistance and thus the government seeks to trample this resistance through orthodoxy and on an unconscious level. The government in V for Vendetta does seek to control the minds but physical compliance is a more important factor than in 1984, where physical compliance is generally established. Both texts underlie the importance of media and communication of ideas for tyrannical governments to maintain their control over
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