V For Vendetta Theme Essay

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V for Vendetta is a movie set in near future in England. V, a victim of the government’s program aimed at preparing biological weapon, who survived the fire accident at the Larkhill Testing facility is adamant to overthrow the corrupt government and bring anarchy in the county. The protagonist possess superpowers but the essence of the movie is not displaying those powers but the idea he carries. In popular culture, V has been displayed as a terrorist, but this stand is debatable. The movie depicts the despotic rule of the government and how it curtailed the freedom of the people. An interesting thing about the government is that its past is similar to Hitler’s reign. The concentration camp, hatred against a particular community, the superiority over all and using secret police to control the public and use fear to prevent any uprising are some of the examples which show the resemblance in the Chancellor Sutler’s persona and style of ruling. He came to power in a difficult time when England was under political unrest and economic troubles and used the condition to their benefit by winning elections…show more content…
The bourgeoisie feed ideas that create the false consciousness to desensitize the masses and exploite many societies. The overarching idea that can be perceived to be, not only present within the film ‘V for Vendetta’ but also in relation to many societies of modernity is Capitalism. This idea is a construct of the Bourgeoisie and if the masses come to a realization and break free from the hypnotic state we are a part of, then they can create an alternative such as a revolution that could change the class system dynamics to create an equal or a free society where there is not just one overarching idea but many. The film addresses the notion that ideas are immortal and as stated above it is from this idea of revolution, the idea to be free from oppression that will one day become a
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