V For Vendetta Film Techniques Essay

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V for Vendetta, directed by Alan Moore in 2005 was an eye opening film, with aspects from the past and predictions for the future, the film left many uncertain how to feel. Being placed in the dystopian genre, the film uses many codes and conventions to connect them to the genre. V 's revolutionary speech helps bring hope to the society. The film was born through an illness and plague that had effected the world. The storyline begins to unfold with the rising of High Chancellor Sutler, which was oddly similar to Hitler, who created a government to oppress the people’s liberty. V searches for a revolution to overthrow the government and create a new democracy. The scene that I 'm going to evaluate is V 's Revolutionary Speech, where he overthrows…show more content…
In this scene, camera angles play a very important part. There were quite a few times where the camera was at a low angle, as if the viewers of the telecast were looking up to V, as was Finch when V first came on the TV. Another camera angle that was used often was close ups, there was more than a few times that the camera was close up on V 's face, or even on Evey and Finch 's confused faces when first hearing V 's voice come over the emergency channel. In a different angle, the camera makes it seem as though we 're behind the character, as if we are one of them watching in confusion.
By making this speech, V is trying to get through to society that they no longer need to worship their figurehead, if they stand together and speak with one voice, their government cannot ignore them. In giving them a year to decide what side they 're on, V believes that in that year, not only does he hope that the people gain confidence to go after what they want, but he hopes it 's a year of stress and confusion for Chancellor
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