V For Vendetta Film Analysis

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V For Vendetta Movie Review Genre : Action, Science fiction, thriller Released date : 17th of March, 2006 Directed by : James McTeigue Written by : Andy & Lana Wachowski Duration : 2 hours 12 minutes Based on graphic novel by Alan Moore in 1982, “V For Vendetta” tells a story about England in the future that rule by oppressive government and a man, named V, who sets out to destroy it. It’s in the year 2020, a virus run wild in the world. Most Americans are dead and Britain is rule by a fascist dictator who promise security but not freedom. One man stands against him, the man named V, he’s a terrorist that achieve his goal by murder, violent, bloeing things up. Yes he is a terrorist but he didn’t terrorize the people, his goal is to awaken their courage to fight their corrupt government. He sets his action to empower them. This film was scheduled to release on Friday, 4th of November 2005 by Warner Bros but was delayed. It opened on 17th of March with positive review, although the original writer, Alan Moore, refuse to view the film and asked not to be credited. It has been seen by many political group, liberalism and anarchist to promote their beliefs. “V For Vendetta” has been reproduce by the Wachowskis, whose “Matrix” moviealso about rebels against planetary system of control. This movie has less special effect and more literally and dominated by ideas that are more intriguing. The most point out idea is that people should not be afraid of their government,

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