V For Vendetta Rosemary Character Analysis

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In the beginning Rosemary is shown as a loving wife, accompanying her husband as they attend church. At first glance they are happy and talking with some friends after the service, but as soon as the other couple leaves, her husband starts telling her to mind her own business. Aside from her husband acting a little strange, this scene appears to be normal until it is known that this is just another stepping stone that leads an ordinary woman to be the one who kills Adam Susan in a big plan to topple the corrupt government. In V for Vendetta, Rosemary faces a lot of hardships, such as being threated by her husband, and having to fit back into society after V kills him, but instead of giving up, she grows stronger. Similar to V and Evey, Rosemary…show more content…
Almond, Rosemary realizes she can make her own decisions, just like the people do when V turns off the governments transmissions, and microphones. The parallels begin as both Rosemary, and the people remain unsure, and still look for someone to tell them what to do. Rosemary starts to talk to her dead husband for advice, but to also keep him involved since she is not ready to let him go. She says, “I thought about you Derek… and I really did love you”(V for Vendetta 104). Rosemary is still not ready to move on from her late husband even though it wasn’t a healthy relationship. Part of it is because she has been living by his rules for so long she isn’t sure what to do just like the people after V takes down the monitoring systems. For three days they will not be monitored at all, and at first they are quiet like Rosemary, and want things to go back to before. One lady even says, “won’t seem the same, used to like the way them little cameras went forwards and back…”(V for Vendetta 188). After Rosemary leaves the quiet phase, she begins making her own decisions by going out with Dascombe, and when V killed him, she got a job as a dancer to support herself. Rosemary took charge of her life, and realized she wasn’t happy, just like the people soon came to the same revelation. Ben Little says, “V 's strategy is to show people that their government is not all-powerful and encourage them to make a change.”(Constructing the Reader 's Perspective in V for…show more content…
Stephanie Juliano explains” John Locke’s conception of the Social Contract refers to the government’s role as an entity charged with protecting a person’s property (then expanded to encompass life, liberty, and property)”(Superheroes, Bandits, and Cyber-nerds: Exploring the History and Contemporary Development of the Vigilante). This means that a government’s job is to protect its people, and since the people feel like Norsefire is not succeeding in that mission, they have the right to take them out of power. Despite V starting the revolution, it would not be right for him, or even Evey to be the one to kill Adam Susan. It needs to be the people’s choice, and soon Rose decides to be the one to end Norsefire. Ben Little notes, “Susan 's state and its brutality drives Rosemary Almond to desperation and a conviction that her only course of action is the assassination of its leader.”(Constructing the Reader 's Perspective in V for Vendetta). She had to watch the government corrupt her once loving husband, and stand by as it manipulated those around her. In some ways V’s actions lead to her sacrificing herself for her country, and she became the rose he left

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