Eisenstaedt's Inaugural Address Personal Response

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I have been waiting for this moment for a year she said. Having him gone is like not having my best friend with me every day. The day he left was the hardest day of my life. To not know if he is coming back. I wish upon no one to have to say those types of goodbyes. I sit and wait for weeks to get a letter or phone call, just to know how he is doing, and that’s what I hold onto. I can’t explain how it feels hearing his voice. Every minute feels like a day and every day feels like forever, but I can wait forever for him. He is risking his life to protect our country. Like they say there is always a stronger woman behind every strong man, but for every soldier there is a stronger woman that supports him and stands behind him and will always love him. Him coming home is the most important thing to me. I could barely contain my excitement.
On Tuesday, August 14th, 1945 Greta Zimmer’s and George Mendosa’s lives changed forever. Greta, a navy nurse, and a George, a United States Navy soldier, reunited after WWII. Imagine their excitement and anticipation after months of being away from each other. The quote previously
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“V-J Day in Times Square” was a perfect setting for Eisenstaedt to take a significant photo. This picture leaves out the multiple deaths, bombings and tragic events men experienced with triumph and parades of men and women in delight of the war victory. Streets were filled with joyful and excited people, similar to the two subjects in the photo. New York City was home to many families of surviving military men and women as seen in the background of the photo. New York City was a great distraction for the soldiers because of the business of the city and it felt like home to the soldiers because of all the different types of activities and things to go see that the soldiers could participate in. Eisenstaedt’s photograph was able to capture that joy for soldiers at V-J
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