Analysis Of Alfred Eisenstaedt's V-J Day Kiss In Times Square

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IF the text had been written in a different time or place or language or a different audience, how might it differ? In Alfred Eisenstaedt's iconic photography, V-J Day kiss in Times Square, 1945 we see a United States navy soldier grabbing a female nurse giving her a kiss. The photographer was able to capture the celebration that followed in Times Square after the end of world war 2 which portrays the celebration that ensued in which two individuals shared. In the photograph we see the woman, a nurse named Greta Zimmer Friedman being very submissive towards the sailor, George Mendonsa allowing him to kiss her. The sailor is showcased as being strong and confident as he is seen grabbing the nurse who was a complete stranger. This portrayal of both genders in their stereotyped way, is able to accurately depict the time…show more content…
She showcases this by allowing a complete stranger to kiss her and being very submissive as seen through her body language. During this time period as well thins were still traditional women were still viewed in a particular way which spotlights them as weak and emotional. The fact that she is completely in the wraps of the sailor represents just that. In an interview with CBS she said, “It wasn’t my choice to be kissed. The guy just came over and grabbed. That man was very strong. I wasn’t kissing him. He was kissing me”. The fact that she didn’t stop him but rather allowed him to kiss her speaks to her feminine characteristic. Another way in which her femininity is portrait is through the what she is wearing and carrying. She is seen carrying a purse which is the sole purpose of a woman to carry everywhere she goes. She is also noted as wearing a white dress through the photographer. The fact that she is wearing a white dress presents herself in a innocent light. The white dress has connotations of light, goodness, innocence, purity, and virginity and thus the woman is represented very

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