V4-51 Research Paper

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The Cure Half the world is dead. Human science has gone too far with genetic mutations and DNA rewiring trying to create a perfect human race. Instead, they have created a disease that has already wiped out 4 billion people on the planet Earth. The Fire Virus or V4-51 is worse than death. It is a slow rigorous spiral of suffering. The earliest signs of the disease are just normal flu-like symptoms, dry-throat, deep coughs, and extreme tiredness. Stage two presents a completely different set of pain. This is where V4-51 gets its name “Fire Virus”. The itch emerges, not just on the outside but a deep fire inside your throat, making a person want to rip their neck apart. Then comes the unquenchable thirst; no matter how many gallons of water are…show more content…
“Why don’t you guys stop fighting and start working toward a common goal. People are dying and you’re standing here shouting half-ass insults,” stated a witty lab assistant. The two men lowered their heads and shifted to opposite sides of the room to resume their work. Over the next three weeks both scientists threw themselves into their work but just could not crack the genetic code which held the key to the cure of the virus. Although they spent almost as much time fighting each other than actually working together, they found a few rare moments where they created fast-acting treatments that countered some of the lesser symptoms of the Fire Virus. Yet, they were unable to uncover a way to prevent the subject from dying. Alex always stayed later than everyone else but that is normal for a man obsessed with his job. He also became exceedingly popular after being placed as figurehead of the CCD to stop V4-51, while Dr. Jamis was slowly fading into the background. Jamis had actually uncovered most of the treatments but never received full credit because of his status in the social ladder; he was getting fed
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