VARK Questionnaire: Visual And Kiesthetic Learning

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According to the VARK questionnaire (n.d.), how I learn best is by doing visual and kinesthetic learning. Before taking this questionnaire I knew I was more of a hands on and visual learner. I am not the kind of student that can read something and just remember it, I have to either see it in a graph or do it myself to remember it. Some examples of visual ways of learning are pictures and graphs (“The VARK Questionnaire,” n.d.). Cases and trails are examples of kinesthetic learning (“The VARK Questionnaire,” n.d.). According to the questionnaire being a visual learner I should, “draw things [and] use diagrams” (“The VARK Questionnaire,” n.d.). Another thing that is helpful for visual learners are slides (“The VARK Questionnaire,” n.d.). I have…show more content…
404). A competent nurse can “begin to see his or her actions in terms of long-range goals or plans” (Benner, 1982, p. 404). I believe in my nursing career I have reached this stage. When a patient comes in with a specific complaint, I can anticipate what will happen and what the doctor will order even before the doctor comes in to see the patient. For example I know a person that has a complaint of chest pain will need an electrocardiogram, troponin, cardiac monitor and depending on the patient medications, aspirin. I understand why it should be done to help the patient. I have only been a nurse for a little over a year and according to the article a competent nurse, “has been on the job for two to three year” (Benner, 1982, p. 404). I believe I have achieved the competent level so quickly because I work in an emergency room. I have to think quickly and anticipate what the doctor would want. To advance to the proficient level I will have to be a nurse for longer and have more education and experience. I will have to be in more specific situation that I am not comfortable with so I am able to know what the doctor will do. It will be helpful for me to learn this new information if it is presented in graphs or if I can do it hands-on. According to the VARK questionnaire, that is how I learn best (“The VARK Questionnaire,” n.d.). However when it comes to online classes I am an advanced beginner. I am not at the novice level because I have done some online things with my bachelor degree program, however, this is the first full class that is online. An advanced beginner is someone that, “coped with enough real situations to note… the recurrent meaningful situational components” (Benner, 1982, p. 403). I am hoping by the end of this class I will have moved up to the competent
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