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Introduction The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), in accordance with the Government Performance Results Act (GPRA) of 2010, in partnership with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has committed to making the VA performance more transparent and accessible. In order to achieve the strategic goals, objectives of the VA and the nested goals of Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA), the Undersecretary for Benefits (USB) has directed implementation of an initiative with the goal of eliminating the use of the current End Product (EP) code system as a method of tracking the workload within VBA. Business Case Currently, VBA Manual 21-4, dated July 24, 2015 prescribes the use of an End Product (EP) system to facilitate accurate control …show more content…

In order to realize this goal, the VBA established, as one of its goals, the necessity to “Empower employees to serve Veterans reliably, efficiently and with compassion”. Nested under this goal, VBA identified the objective to “Optimize processing capacity to meet the forecasted demand for services”. This initiative will focus on adopting descriptive identifiers for the VBA workload, which clearly indicates the type of work performed. Additionally, this initiative will provide greater definition and clarity to the system of broad categories, which is currently in place. The immediate impact of this initiative will result in the ability for leadership to clearly articulate, in a comprehensible way, the work performed within the administration. The end state of this initiative will result in greater procedural consistency, provide additional validity to the data maintained by the administration and assist the department in communicating the current state of affairs regarding inventory to both internal and external

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