Vita Hospice Care History

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The name of the company I work for is called VITAS Innovative Hospice Care. Vitas is a Latin word which means life. Although we are in the field of death and dying, we want the world to know that ultimately, we are about quality of life, before death. We go to business fairs and conventions to promote our company. A few years ago, I was at a church fair with other vendors. We had a nice table set up with literature about Vitas, we had pens and mugs and tea shirts with Vitas written all over them. We also had a huge banner that said: Vitas Hospice. This nice lady walked up to my table and said: I have a score to settle with your company. She was angry. She said that her husband was on hospice care for three months. He is now dead and buried,…show more content…
As hard as I try to keep awareness alive, sometimes I do things in a hurry, and make mistakes. The story I told you is one example. After that, I was very careful and began paying more attention to life. But I failed again. I got an automated message from the County library that the book I had put on hold had arrived. So I went to my home-town library: Northwest Regional Library in Coral Springs. That is the library I always go to, but my book was not there! The clerk told me that it was at Northwest Library in Pompano Beach. There are three libraries in Broward County with basically the same name that unless you pay close attention to, you will make a mistake: Northwest in Pompano Beach, North Regional in Coconut Creek, and Northwest Regional in Coral Springs. When I had placed the hold on the book, I had clicked the wrong branch because I didn't pay attention. I did not get upset with the clerk when she told me that the book was not there. I did not blame myself for making a careless mistake. I did not get aggravated for going to the wrong branch. I took it in stride. It was a learning experience in awareness. The lesson for me is, SLOW DOWN, TAKE A DEEP BREATH, and PAY
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