Vacation Bible School Analysis

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Introduction Sometimes it doesn’t seem like God cares. It is easy to get upset at God and blame Him when things don’t go like we think they should. In the lessons that follow, we will examine the life of a man named Joseph. One bad thing after another seems to take place in his life. Through it all, however, Joseph trusts and obeys God. When we get to the end of the story we see that God was there all the time working in his life. We may not know how God is working or why He allows certain things to happen in our lives. But we can rest assured that God knows what He is doing and whatever He does or allows is for the best. We may not ever fully understand God’s actions or work while we are on this earth, but one day in eternity we will be able to look back and see that He was there all the time. All of the things we didn’t understand will finally make sense. We won’t be able to accuse…show more content…
This fact is clearly manifested as we look back at the life of Joseph. The Vacation Bible School theme is Farm Fresh FAITH. God is faithful and we need to always trust in Him. These lessons should help to prepare teens for a life where things don’t always seem to go right. We need to make sure that our students know that God is good all the time even when we can’t see it. Lesson 1 – Joseph’s Dreams. This lesson begins with Joseph as a teenager. Joseph began following God and making good decisions very early on in life. Joseph experienced great tragedy very early on in life, yet he never used his circumstances as an excuse to do wrong. Even though things looked grim, God was working everything for the good of Joseph. Students need to trust in Jesus and follow him all the days of their lives no matter the circumstances. God has good things in store for those who trust and obey
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