Vacation Bible School Essay

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Although some places of worship have altered it of late, Vacation Bible School (VBS) is usually a week-long camp for kids. Some churches host kids during the day, others only in the evening hours. However, typically, the event lasts around three to five days. VBS is super fun for kids because it combines learning about the Bible with songs, crafts, food and more. VBS is used as a community outreach tool by most churches to encourage additional memberships and serve the surrounding area. The following are seven ways you can amp up your church’s VBS this year and WOW your kids:
1. Theme is of Paramount Importance:
Choosing a fun theme is crucial to creating a memorable VBS. Many Christian bookstores will have complete curriculum that includes music, teachers manuals, suggestions for games
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Change up Games/ Sports: Provide Options For Everyone:
Let’s face it, not everyone is athletically inclined. Furthermore, even if a certain kid is good at one sport, he might not do so well at another. Therefore, have plenty of options for outdoor sports/games. Switch each night and give a fun alternative to those who don’t enjoy such things.
5. Let Them Make a Mess:
VBS typically occurs in the throes of summer, when kids are getting antsy and parents are becoming frazzled. Why not let kids get some of that pint up energy out in a safe environment. Let them make a mess. Have water games outdoors. Let them eat without hovering over them with a napkin. In essence, let them make a mess (within reason). They will love it!
Show Them God’s Love:
The adage, “they won’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care” exemplifies this point. To truly wow kids in your VBS, you must show them God’s love. Show them your church cares about them. Make it obvious that you care about them as a person, not as a name on a roll. When you do this successfully, kids will feel welcomed and loved, which will lead them to come back again and again. God’s love is the ultimate wow
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