Vaccinate Children Argumentative Essay

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For millennia, parents have made most of their decisions with the wellbeing of their child in mind, but not all of these choices are actually beneficial for the child. With one of the most debated topics being whether or not to vaccinate your child, many new parents find themselves at a loss, not knowing who or what to believe. This indecision puts the health of the child in jeopardy, putting these infants at risk of contracting harmful diseases and infect other, weaker children unable to be vaccinated. While some claim that vaccinating children is harmful towards both the physical and mental state of children, decades of vaccine use and research has proven quite the opposite, demonstrating that vaccines are safe, effective and help contribute…show more content…
In fact, refusal to vaccinate a child can be more detrimental to the health of others around them. Take children with immunodeficiency for instance, Immunodeficiency is a disorder where your body lacks or possesses a weaker than average immune system. Children with immunodeficiency are unable to safely be vaccinated against many different diseases, and if contracted, these diseases can be exponentially more harmful towards children with immunodeficiency thanks to their weakened state. These children have no choice but to rely upon herd mentality to protect them against harmful viruses. Herd immunity is the ideology that if the vast majority of children are vaccinated, the remaining few unvaccinated children are highly unlikely to contract that disease. However, the issue with herd immunity is that the vast majority of children need to be vaccinated so that only the few, weaker children, unable to be vaccinated can stay safe. The problem arises when parents against vaccination refuse to vaccinate their child and claim that their child can rely on herd mentality, lowering the amount of vaccinated children in their community, and, consequently, putting weaker children in their community at a greater risk of

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