Vaccinating Children Essay

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In the United States there was a goal to vaccinate all of the children before they reached the age of one (Graham, 20), this main goal was wished for the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) vaccine. However, the United States never truly had a proper approach when it came to vaccinating (Graham, 20). With the goal straying further and further from reality the United States had decided to completely stop keeping track of how many children were being vaccinated in 1985 (Graham, 20). Once the government gave up then so did the people, more and more parents took the courageous step and stopped vaccinating their children. The MMR vaccine was an immunization that everyone received not long after birth, though many people began to worry about how…show more content…
Parents are declining the vaccine for a theory that has been very much so shot down by notable scientists. Their children are susceptible to measles and measles are responsible for VPD which is a main cause of death in children under the age of five (Ruderfer 76-81). Children who receive the MMR vaccine are below the age of five which gives them the higher chance of not contracting VPD therefore increasing their likelihood of survival. “Vaccination is estimated to prevent 2.5 million deaths globally each year” (Ruderfer 76-81). With numbers so big, why put the children at…show more content…
Whether it be for MMR or simply the flu, children should be vaccinated. Science has come a long way to be able to prevent diseases. Without vaccinating children, it is like they are living in the dark ages with how susceptible they are to diseases (Hibberd). So many people are trapped inside a mindset that has a negative connotation towards the vaccines. If vaccines were truly so bad then doctors would not be urging them on as greatly as they are

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