Vaccinating Immigrant Children: A Case Study

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The primary focus of this paper is being able to vaccinate immigrant children once they are in the United States by developing a program. Immunizations have become an important tool that many countries use to protect themselves from disease thereby helping increase their population. Before immunizations diseases could wipe out much of a country’s population in less than a year. By using this tool to our advantage, we are helping to ward off certain diseases. One of the problems with re-emergence of diseases we thought we eliminated has been immigrant children bringing the disease to the US due to improper vaccination protocols in their country of origin or skipping vital vaccinations. If there is a way to help increase the number of children being vaccinated, then we should try to make that possible. This can be done by assessing the current situation with vaccinations in the United States, analyzing the benefits for this type of program and proposing how to implement a program in areas where immigration is a major concern. By looking at the immigrant population and ensuring that these children are also properly vaccinated then we can help to reduce the number of disease re-emergence so this is not a problem for us in the future.
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